Happy Friday! We of course have a full weekend planned. Tomorrow, we are going to Vintage Market Days at the KY Horse Park. Its this big market with tons of different vendors from all over the country. We have to bring the boys with us, so hopefully they are ok and we actually get to look around. On Sunday, we have our nephew, Jack's, birthday party. 
Today is a big photo dump of the last few weeks.

The day Major decided to get out all of his naughtiness in one day. Most notably, getting a paint roller and painting the floor, the coffee table, the dresser, and the fireplace while I was putting Breaker down for a nap. It came out, thank God. Except for the fireplace. 

That evening he was so worn out from driving me crazy that he fell asleep sitting straight up while we were playing outside.

The Bradley's came to play!

After bath hair.

Planting our garden!

Shep went to a birthday party for this little girl from his preschool class.

Birthday pancakes the morning after he turned 5.

Playing with hula hoops at the Berea Makers Market.

I shouldn't have gotten rid of our double stroller.

Shep and his preschool teachers, Ms. Mary and Ms. Kathy! He had a great first year.

Showing off his sweet plate that Ms. Mary made for him.

Nicknie baby!
(Major used to say "nicknie" instead of naked, so now thats what we call it ;)

Haircut boy! I love the view of our street as the sun is setting.

So enthralled in Bubble Guppies.


Love these pictures of Shep and my dad working puzzles.

Baby shower for Veda and Jonathan. We are so excited for them! 

Shep is seriously the sweetest brother to Breaker. He loves him so much.

Getting so big!

Cracker Barrel, Shep did a good job staying in the lines ;)

Another night of falling asleep at 5pm on the couch. This child needs a nap so bad, but I can't get him to take one any earlier. 

Maj and our new neighbor friend, Cruz!

The boys begged us to blow up the bounce house again, so I invited over all of our friends in town and had a big play date.

Cousin sleepover with Matthew! Last night we had a pizza party and movie, and today we are making a lunch trip to see Joey and go to McDonald's!

Have a great weekend!


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