I dyed my hair PINK!

So on a complete whim last week, I dyed my hair pink!
I was at my (soon to be) sister in law, Shelbi's, apartment so she could give Shep a haircut, and my other sister in law, Jen was there too. I have a lot of sister-in-laws :)
Shelbi is a hairdresser and she has pink hair and is also the prettiest thing you've ever seen. Jen and I were talking about how we love her hair, and they were both like "you should do it!" and I was just like, "I think I will." Didn't even hesitate, lol. So, Shelbi went and got me the shampoo to do it and here we are :)

(Bottom picture is with flash!)

For anyone interested, I'm using a shampoo called Viral Colorwash in Light Pink.

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