May Resolution

I have decided to start each month for the rest of the year with a new resolution. New Years resolutions always die out, but if I can come up with something new each month to focus on, its a lot more attainable for me.  I'm not going to do anything hard or daunting, just something random each month to work at.

For the month of May, my goal is to read 3 books.

A few weeks ago, I read an article (posted on Cup of Jo) from someone about how to read more. He had some points that made a lot of sense and made me want to try it!

I'll share the two that stood out the most to me, but you can read the full article here.

I used to love to read, but since having kids I rarely ever do.  Because I just don't have time for it. But I realized my problem! His #1 tip that stood out to me, is if you want to read more, you can't be precious about it. If I only sit down to read when I have three hours and a comfy chair and something to drink, I'll never read. Which is what I was waiting on. Which is never ever going to happen for me. So I've started just reading every spare few minutes I have, even if I only get through a paragraph.

Another tip he had, was to be reading more than one book at once. That way you always have something for the mood you're in. So I've chosen a novel, an autobiography (my favorite type of book to read) and a "self help" book.

I'll check back in at the end of May to tell you how I did with my goal and share my book reviews, and what I have planned for my June resolution.

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