Mother's Day 2017

I started the morning with flowers from all 4 of my men and 
Joey also got me new perfume.

Shepherd was so sweet. The day before Mother's Day, we went to this craft festival in Berea. Shep was walking around with me and we stopped at this booth selling bath bombs. I talked to the owner for a minute, asked if they had bombs with toys in them, because I figured Shep would only like it if that was the case, then we moved on. A little bit later Shep kept saying he wanted to go back to that booth, so Joey walked him over and gave him a few dollars. Shep came back to me and was so precious and proud, and presented me with a bath bomb he had picked out. He told me it was for Mother's Day and that was why he chose my favorite color. ANGEL.

So thankful for these three boys that call me Mommy. 

And thankful for my Grandma, who I love and adore! She has been with me every step of my life and I couldn't be more grateful.

And my own mom!

This was my Mother's Day post I put on Facebook for her:

This was our first Mother's Day without Joey's mom, and it was a hard day for him. I'm thankful that he still made it a good day for me.

Trying to get a picture with all 3...

Which resulted in the decision to just do a picture with each of them individually. 

We drove to Lexington to have lunch at my favorite restaurant, Pazzos. A bar on UK's campus isn't exactly a hopping Mother's Day spot ;) so we didn't have a wait...or a crowd. LOL. I like what I like!
I used to have lunch here with my friend Tara at least twice a week when we were in school.

THE best pretzels! And my favorite salad, which Major loved too. 

Shep insisted on sitting on the "balcony."

After lunch we went to Gratz Park for the Mayfest festival. Its held every year on Mother's Day and we love it.

So Major never asks for any toy. Shep always has a running list of things he wants, and if we are out Shep will always find a toy he loves. Not that Major doesn't want toys, he is just never as sure about what he wants and is pretty happy with anything. So I was so surprised when we first got to the festival and Major told me he wanted to look for a fidget spinner. I had no idea he even knew what that was. But its literally the first time he has ever had something he specifically wanted, so I told him we would keep an eye out. 
One of the last booths we went to happened to have fidget spinners, so he picked one out! He was so excited and hasn't stopped carrying it around and playing with it. 
(Side note: If you know what a fidget spinner is, I removed those circle inserts and just threw them away. They are the perfect size to choke on and I didn't want to worry about it. It still spins just fine!)

Fun Mother's Day with my boys!

Breaker loves his Daddy.

After the festival we stopped by the park to see Jen and Jeremy. Major just wanted to play with his fidget spinner.


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