My first baby is 5

I have bawled my eyes out over this child turning 5. I swear I can remember EXACTLY what it felt like, snuggled up with my newborn baby in his perfect, precious little nursery, in the house we brought him home to. The happiest I have ever been was the first year of his life.  I feel weird admitting that but its the truth.  Not like I've been unhappy or less happy since then, but that was just a very simple, easy time and I loved it.  I think the best thing about that, is that I knew it then too.  So I can say I enjoyed it to the fullest.  5 years ago, I knew I was going to look back and think of happy, then.  I would go back and relive it all in a heartbeat. If I could transport myself to that room with my sweet angel baby I would. It goes so fast. I've cried thinking about how much faster its about to go. My dad has always told me that the first 5 years, the days are long but the years are short. But that once they start school, time really flies because you're so involved with the school and everything.

God, I love this child.

Shepherd, you are so special. You are a dream. You're kind and sensitive and thoughtful, funny and so so smart. You notice things. You are passionate. You love to make friends. You are magic.

One of the best things about you, is that you will always be the type of person who knows what they want. That is such a good quality to have. You are decisive. You like what you like and you like it a lot. Blue is your favorite color, so you insist on everything being blue for you. If there is an option for colors, you're getting blue, duh. If I ask you what you want for dinner, you will give me such a specific list and end it with "and thats all I want." Honestly, it makes it easier to do stuff for you, or buy you things, because you know exactly what you want at all times.

You love love love trains. I adore that about you, and I get just as excited as you about your minis. I love collecting them together and that you get so excited to tell me what you got.
You seriously know everything about trains. If we are watching a show or see a picture of a train and something is not right, you always can point it out. Like, "MOM! Why does that diesel engine have a coal car??" And I'll say, "they need you working for them because you know more than they do about trains!" ;) Or when we are looking at Thomas birthday cakes and someone has put any number other than "1" on Thomas, you're like, "Um, no, that is not right."
You also have a train radar that is really impressive. No matter where we are, if there is even the tiniest train, you will notice it. The other day we were in a store with a greeting card section. You zeroed in on the one card that had a train. It wasn't even a kid card, it was a flowery, old lady card that just happened to have a scene with a train puffing down the tracks on the front of it.

You love to learn. You can write your name and count to 100. You've memorized every Bible verse they've taught you in school since starting in January. You love to "do science" and I'm always trying to come up with activities I can do with you.

You LOVE Breaker. Always have. You want Breaker to sit with you on the couch, to lay in your try to teach him to walk and to say, "Shep." You play peek a boo with him. You genuinely just think Breaker is really funny and cool and its just so sweet.

You and Major do everything together. I pray you are always the type of brothers that have more of a friendship bond made even closer by the fact that you're brothers. I love that your and Major's first instinct whenever something is funny or exciting or out of the ordinary, is to race and tell the other.  You know how something great could happen to you, but the best part is telling someone else? It doesn't even feel real until you've shared it. You and Major are each other's go-to and I pray it is always like that.

Food: Cashews and green apples
Color: Blue
Restaurant: McDonalds
Show: Thomas
Movie: The Polar Express
Activity: Play with trains
Train: Percy because he's nice and he delivers the mail
What do you want to be when you grow up? Train driver

Thank you, Lord, for another year with my angel!

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