Our living room!

We've lived here for 6 months, and our living room is the only room in the house that I feel like is "done." I do want to get new pillows, but I'll just find them when I find them.  

I love that we have a "sunken" living room! Before we got married and we were looking for our first house, I fell in love with this house that had a sunken living room.  It just feels so cozy. We didn't end up with that house, but I always talked about that sunken living room.

My shaky panoramic view:
The only thing I don't like about our house is that I wish there was more natural light in the two rooms we are in the most, the living room and kitchen.  I'm guessing that the window that now looks out into the "hot tub room" used to just be a patio.  I think the people who lived here before us covered the patio to have a room for the hot tub.  And it is a nice room, but at the expense of a lot of natural light :(

Our favorite thing in probably the whole house, is this piece.  It is a Everything But the House find, that I've mentioned before! This was such an odd space, and we needed something big to fill it, that would make sense for being under a television.  This ended up being perfect and we got it for a steal!

One of our friends is a historian and knows all about antiques, and we had him come look at it and tell us what it is.  He said it used to be in a men's clothing store, probably around 1910.  You can tell in the above picture if you look on the left, it is all glass on the side and top and the back side facing our wall. It was a display case, maybe for men's shirts.  Isn't that cool!?
It was in amazing shape, and Joey just had to "oil it up" to give the wood back its shine.


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