Shepherd's 5th birthday party!

Last weekend we celebrated Shepherd's 5th birthday with family and friends!
He wanted a Thomas theme, and has spent MONTHS talking about it, planning it, pinteresting it. He was so excited!

However, this birthday confirmed, I am so not a Pinterest Mom. I bought some decorations at the dollar store and Target, and when Jen and Jeremy got there early, I put them to work.

I did make his cake and thought it turned out cute! (Gigi was in charge of icing!)

This bounce house was so much fun! Joey's brother, Casey, owns it and he let us borrow it for the party.

These two sweet boys will always warm my heart. I love their friendship!

This little boy lives across the street and came over to play for the first time at Shep's party. He and Shep were fast friends!

Eli and Shep!

Major was SO TIRED.

Nothing is happening to this baby with Papaw and Natalie around!

We were having so much fun that we forgot to even cut the cake. We sang happy birthday and let Shep blow out his candles after dinner that night.

Exhibit B of Major's exhaustion. But he was still going hard. Too much fun to be had for that wild child.

Exhibit C:
Parties over, everyone has gone home, we couldn't find Major, and look outside and he's about asleep on top of the bounce house. Just can't stop partying!

It was a great day celebrating our biggest boy!


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