Shep's Preschool performance

On Sunday, Shepherd performed with his preschool class for the church's Spring musical.
It was so sweet. He was so nervous and when I walked him up to meet with his class, he was holding back tears.  But he quickly got OK and was so well behaved the whole time.  Joey and I sat on the very front row, right directly in front of where he was on the stage.

They were performing for two services, so after the first one we went and got Major out of the nursery so he could watch.

He actually was very into it when they were singing, but when they started talking he got a little restless so Joey took him outside.

The highlight was a song called "He is my Shepherd." 

We always knew it would be true, but our first performance by one of our children confirmed that Joey and I are these parents:

Anyone remember them from the Olympics? Like I said, we were front row, filming and crying and thumbs-up-ing, and so into it. Lord help us when they start to play sports ;)

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