The best thing I ever did as a parent

I want to start off by saying, I am in no way trying to come off as judgemental or like I'm giving myself a pat on the back.  This is just something I did that has had the biggest positive impact on my kids and me, so of course I want to share!

A few months ago, I took the boys iPads away FOR GOOD! 
While I was pregnant with Breaker and stuck inside for the winter, and then when our life went into complete chaos as we moved back across the country and were "homeless" for 2 months, my boys got super addicted to the iPad and I got super reliant on it. Shepherd more than Major.  He would act like a literal lunatic when I told him it was time to put the iPad away. It was seriously all they wanted to do.

So, I cold turkey took them away.  And it has literally changed our lives!

My boys are seriously so much better behaved, and honestly just more enjoyable to be around.  They aren't as whiney and they are so good now at entertaining themselves, instead of always wanting me to do something. We do so much more all together because their attention spans are longer and attitudes are better. When I took it away, I assumed I would still have to resort to giving it to them in the car, but they surprisingly don't even need it! They were worse in the car when they had iPads, because they were always whining wanting me to find a different show or whatever for them.  Now, they can have long car rides and nothing but themselves to entertain each other.  They went the whole 3+ hour drive to and from my parents house and were great the whole time. Also, I'm honestly a better mom, without them having iPads because their whiney-ness used to drive me bonkers and we would all end up fighting over it.  I don't love fighting with a four year old, lol!

Now, they still are allowed to watch tv.  But for whatever reason, that doesn't have the same negative effect on them that the screen time of the iPad did. They don't care about tv as much.  
And I still occasionally let them have my phone to watch YouTube, but I can tell "phone time" has the same effect the iPad did, so it is very limited. And with all the stuff going around about sickos making disturbing YouTube videos, they are only allowed to watch one YouTube channel. (Ryan's Toy Review if you wondered!)


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