Breaker at 15 months

I have to say, doing my little monthly chair pictures for the boys, was exhausting and I'm kind of glad he's a year old now so I don't have to do it anymore ;)
But, at this age, they still change so much month to month, that I wanted to do a little recap of Breaker at 15 months old.  His little personality is really starting to develop, and I have a feeling we have a rowdy one on our hands.  He's just a little mischievous and loves to be told "no" and then laugh in your face and do it anyway.
At this age, they really change so much day to day. Every day it seems like he's doing something new and big.

He loves drinking anything other than water or milk. He has hated water and milk from the beginning, its not like I started out with something else and tried to make him go back to something plain. He stalks Major and tries to get his glass so he can drink all of his tea. Its bad!

Favorite foods: Ham, shredded cheese, hard boiled egg.

We have this little saying where we tell him to "go crazy" and he laughs and shakes his head back and forth really fast.

He says "Dada" alllll day long. You would think he didn't even know how to say "Mama" except if he's crying he will sometimes say it. I'll ask him to say "Mama," and he looks at me and laughs and says "Dada!" He knows exactly what he's doing.

Loves to play peek a boo, and always plays it with Shep. Its so sweet. That is his thing with Shep and with Major they will laugh and steal pacis back and forth, unless Breaker isn't in the mood then he'll smack Major in the face.

Speaking of smacking in the face, he for some reason loves to do that, and it HURTS! He will hit and punch us all! If Joey or I tell him to stop, Major and Shep will both rush to his defense and say, "Don't talk to him like that, he's a baby!"

He has really good aim. He loves to throw a ball back and forth and he always throws it right to you.

He is always sticking his tongue out.

Our nickname for him is "Judy" and he actually has started answering to it. Poor kid. We call him "Big Booty Judy."

He's been in size 5 diapers since he was like 8 months old. He's between 18 and 24 month clothes right now.  All of the 18 month stuff is snug.

He's still not walking.  He will cruise around on furniture, but hasn't attempted to walk on his own yet. The other day he stood up on his own for the first time. I wasn't home and Joey said both of the boys started screaming in excitement, cheering him on. They are the best big brothers.
He will walk if you walk with him holding his hands.

Little boys are just hardwired to think farts are funny. I can tell you, I literally never once had a discussion about farting or pooping until I had kids. I grew up with just a sister and that just wasn't something we thought was funny. Never. It was mortifying to me. Now I literally talk about farts and poop all day long. Anyway, back to Breaker. He's only a year old and he can fart on demand. Isn't that crazy? A few months ago I was holding him and he let out a little toot. I said, "Did you just toot on me?!" and laughed. Then he laughed and did it again! And again. Then when he ran out of gas he sat there and strained trying to keep going. Little boys are so funny.

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