Old Train Depot Day!

A few weekends ago we got to go to Old Train Depot Day in our new little hometown! I am not entirely sure if that is the actual title of this little celebration, but thats what Shep called it and we've had it on our calendar for MONTHS. It was an annual celebration of the old train station in downtown and there were tons of model trains and vendors set up. It was fun checking our our new town, and where our boys will grow up, where their "home" will always be. 

Shep is so heartbreaking and sweet. He was so excited and has talked about this day for so long, that when we finally got there he just didn't know what to do with himself. He got very shy and just wanted to look at everything. He likes to take things in internally instead of making a big external to do. 

After we walked around the train station, we took the trolley to Boone Tavern and got ice cream.

We walked through the hotel and Joey and I talked about how its very possible one of our boys could get married there one day. Tear!

If this doesn't sum up where we live...

Can you spot Major?

Checking out the model trains.

Posing with a new sign we got for their bedroom! What an angel.


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