"The President"

This may be my most random post ever.

So, somehow, this goofy little thing I made up one day when I was playing with my kids, has taken off and they talk about it every.single.day.

One day, the boys and I were playing upstairs and just being silly. Shep brought me this little toy phone and told me I had a call. I pretended to listen, then said, "Oh my gosh! Its the president! He said that Breaker is so cute that he wants to take him to the White House!" and we went on this long pretend game where we took turns telling the president that he could not have our baby!
I had Joey text me and pretend to be the president and he sent me a fake picture of Donald Trump behind bars, and I told the boys we didn't have to worry about the president taking Breaker anymore.

So, that game has stuck, and now literally anytime anything bad happens, or out of the ordinary happens, or just anything, they blame it on the president. 
They will spill a drink and tell me the president did it. 
They will lose something and decide the president must have taken it. 
If a car honks its horn, they say it must be the president.

If you swipe right on my phone, it will show some top news stories for the day, and often Donald Trump's picture is on there. Shep thinks this is hilarious and is always saying "the president" is on my phone. If Donald Trump comes on tv, I'll play it up and tell them that the headline says "President searching for Cutest Baby."
The other day, just Shep and I were at Walmart, and we were in the checkout line. Shep notices a magazine with Donald Trump on the cover and he is so loud and dramatic, "Oh my gosh, Mom! Its the president! I'm scared! Lets get in a different line!" 
We seem like bleeding heart liberals ;)

The other day, we got a package, and I had completely forgotten that like 6 weeks ago I ordered this outfit off of Amazon for Breaker. 
We have this saying, "Show him who's boss!" that we always say. Maj and Shep will be fighting over something, and I'll say "You can take him, Major! Show him who's boss!" We always call Breaker the "Boss baby."
So we got this little outfit that says "BOSS" on the shirt and I told the boys it was from the president and that the card said, "Breaker's the boss!" They thought it was hilarious.

Just a random and weird story for your day!

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