June Resolutions Review

For the month of June, I made it my goal to drink 8 glasses of water a day. That would equal out to about 4 bottles of water. Well...turns out I suck at drinking water. However, I'm really good at opening bottles of water and never finishing them. I usually drink maybe 2 bottles a day.

I'm taking the month off from a July resolution because right now theres nothing I'm that motivated to do. Also my kitchen is a disaster, which has turned my entire house into a disaster. So I'm just trying to survive until my kitchen is put back together. Probably 3 more weeks, at the very least. =(

May Resolutions Review
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Gigi and Pappy's House!

This month we have spent almost two weeks at my parent's house. Our first trip, I took the boys for a few days before Father's Day to spend some time with my dad. Then a few weeks ago we spent Tuesday - Friday there again because Joey was working on our kitchen and we wanted to be out of the way.

Owensboro has the best splash pad! Out in the country and no where for my kids to run off. Thats how I rate parks...how easy would it be for me to lose a kid? This one gets a 100 for safety!

My mom and I took all three boys to Hobby Lobby at dinner time. I knew it was a mistake, especially now because I can't even remember what I was looking for.
This is how we exited Hobby Lobby:
(I wouldn't buy him a fidget spinner.)

As soon as we got home, he put himself to bed:

Lots of sparklers!

Three sweet brothers :)

More park fun!

AND more sparkler fun:

Back to the splash pad.

Got to go out to dinner with my best friend!

Pappy and Maj :)

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The kitchen remodel has begun!

Its going to be so worth it, but it is miserable living without a kitchen. Also, its insane how upending one room has completely affected the rest of the house. Our entire house is a disaster because of the kitchen. There is food all over the dining room table, island pieces in the entry, hardwood in the den, plastic sheets blocking all entry to the kitchen, the garage is overtaken with cabinets, and drywall dust on EVERYTHING. Its super fun and not making me cranky at all ;)
Joey is doing everything himself (with the generous help of some family and friends!) with the exception of the countertops and we have people here right now moving some HVAC lines.

So this was BEFORE, taken the day we moved in:

First thing we did was knock this wall down.

That floor has 5 layers. This is down to the third layer, so we have two more to go:

Knocked out a wall into the guest room closet, to create a pantry! The guest room has two closets, so it worked out perfectly. I'm so excited about having a pantry!

Painting cabinets:

I had a vision in mind for what I wanted the new pantry, Joey went to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore one day and found EXACTLY what I wanted!
We stripped the paint off it and are hoping it will stain up and look really nice. If not, we'll just paint it black again. I want to frost the window and write "PANTRY" on it, or maybe our last name.

Removed the island:

And this is exactly what it looks like as I post this. I took this picture 5 minutes ago ;)
We decided to open up the window into the den (it used to be arched) to make it easier to put Subway tile all the way to the ceiling!! :)))) Ahh I can't wait!!

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He's just so cute

Just some favorite recent pictures of my model baby!!!

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Life Lately

This isn't actually "life lately" more like "life a month ago." I'm so behind.

If I remember correctly, our Thomas mini count is up to 280.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. Our garden does NOT look like this now. We overdid it a little and our two garden boxes are completely overgrown. Next year we'll add a third box and space things out a little better. I love my boys to work in the garden. There are so many good lessons to be learned in a garden.

 There is a farm across the street from our house, and one day the boys and I got to go over there with our neighbors and feed the horses their dinner!

They LOVE their daddy =)

Crazy storm skies.

We went to Grayson's house to play one day. I love these kids!

Madelyn and Breaker a year apart.

Shep and Grayson have the sweetest bond. Makes me so happy!!

Hanging out by the creek.

How cute is he with his little criss cross applesauce legs?

I was so impressed with Shep! He built this track completely on his own. He worked on it for days to get it all connected and no holes and two levels.

Breaker is always trying to steal some leftovers.

The field next to us had hay bales and the boys loved it. They were so sad when they took them away.

How sweet is Major's face?!

Out for a little bachelorette dinner for Shelbi, my now sister-in-law! Isn't she so pretty!?

When you REALLY love your paci. UGHHHH.

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