Casey and Shelbi's Wedding

 A few weeks ago, Joey's brother,  Casey got married.  We absolutely love Casey and Shelbi, and their son,  Reece. The wedding was beautiful.   Shelbi had the tiniest details planned out, honestly I   don't know how people do it. It was all perfect!

Wedding Snapchat filters:
I'd like to point out Joey and I got married before even Pinterest was a thing. I wonder what our wedding hashtag would have been? Casey and Shelbi's was so cute and witty...#shelbialawhorn
Get it? She'll be a Lawhorn. I loved it!

The boys were THRILLED to spend some time with their cousins, Brody and Colson. These two boys are so precious, so polite, so well behaved and took great care of my boys this night.  Because I'm pretty sure as soon as we got there, Major ran off and wanted nothing to do with his boring parents the rest of the night ;)

Love this picture of Shep and Papaw Joe.

Excited we just got ANOTHER sister ;) Including my sister, I have 6 sisters now :)

Joey with his dad and sister, Jen.

I told you he wanted nothing to do with me :(

My handsome groomsman.

Major of course wasn't interested in a family picture.

Shelbi's maid of honor performed a rap to the tune of Fresh Prince and it was hilarious.

Shepherd broke our hearts with his precious dancing. He was so nervous to dance and started out just barely tapping his little toe. He eventually warmed up and had a blast on the dance floor.

Major needed no warming up and stole the show all night. 


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