Gigi and Pappy's House!

This month we have spent almost two weeks at my parent's house. Our first trip, I took the boys for a few days before Father's Day to spend some time with my dad. Then a few weeks ago we spent Tuesday - Friday there again because Joey was working on our kitchen and we wanted to be out of the way.

Owensboro has the best splash pad! Out in the country and no where for my kids to run off. Thats how I rate easy would it be for me to lose a kid? This one gets a 100 for safety!

My mom and I took all three boys to Hobby Lobby at dinner time. I knew it was a mistake, especially now because I can't even remember what I was looking for.
This is how we exited Hobby Lobby:
(I wouldn't buy him a fidget spinner.)

As soon as we got home, he put himself to bed:

Lots of sparklers!

Three sweet brothers :)

More park fun!

AND more sparkler fun:

Back to the splash pad.

Got to go out to dinner with my best friend!

Pappy and Maj :)


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