Life Lately

This isn't actually "life lately" more like "life a month ago." I'm so behind.

If I remember correctly, our Thomas mini count is up to 280.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. Our garden does NOT look like this now. We overdid it a little and our two garden boxes are completely overgrown. Next year we'll add a third box and space things out a little better. I love my boys to work in the garden. There are so many good lessons to be learned in a garden.

 There is a farm across the street from our house, and one day the boys and I got to go over there with our neighbors and feed the horses their dinner!

They LOVE their daddy =)

Crazy storm skies.

We went to Grayson's house to play one day. I love these kids!

Madelyn and Breaker a year apart.

Shep and Grayson have the sweetest bond. Makes me so happy!!

Hanging out by the creek.

How cute is he with his little criss cross applesauce legs?

I was so impressed with Shep! He built this track completely on his own. He worked on it for days to get it all connected and no holes and two levels.

Breaker is always trying to steal some leftovers.

The field next to us had hay bales and the boys loved it. They were so sad when they took them away.

How sweet is Major's face?!

Out for a little bachelorette dinner for Shelbi, my now sister-in-law! Isn't she so pretty!?

When you REALLY love your paci. UGHHHH.


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