The kitchen remodel has begun!

Its going to be so worth it, but it is miserable living without a kitchen. Also, its insane how upending one room has completely affected the rest of the house. Our entire house is a disaster because of the kitchen. There is food all over the dining room table, island pieces in the entry, hardwood in the den, plastic sheets blocking all entry to the kitchen, the garage is overtaken with cabinets, and drywall dust on EVERYTHING. Its super fun and not making me cranky at all ;)
Joey is doing everything himself (with the generous help of some family and friends!) with the exception of the countertops and we have people here right now moving some HVAC lines.

So this was BEFORE, taken the day we moved in:

First thing we did was knock this wall down.

That floor has 5 layers. This is down to the third layer, so we have two more to go:

Knocked out a wall into the guest room closet, to create a pantry! The guest room has two closets, so it worked out perfectly. I'm so excited about having a pantry!

Painting cabinets:

I had a vision in mind for what I wanted the new pantry, Joey went to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore one day and found EXACTLY what I wanted!
We stripped the paint off it and are hoping it will stain up and look really nice. If not, we'll just paint it black again. I want to frost the window and write "PANTRY" on it, or maybe our last name.

Removed the island:

And this is exactly what it looks like as I post this. I took this picture 5 minutes ago ;)
We decided to open up the window into the den (it used to be arched) to make it easier to put Subway tile all the way to the ceiling!! :)))) Ahh I can't wait!!


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