Summer Catch Up Post

If you saw my post yesterday, you can guess the reason I've taken a blogging hiatus. My motto the 1st trimester is always just to get through it. And I don't even have it hard so I can't imagine if I was sick everyday. Now that I'm into the 2nd trimester I'm getting some energy back and motivation to keep up with my blog.

Side note: If anyone has any tips for me how to blog from my phone, please let me know! The Blogger app for the phone is awful and I would prefer to blog from my phone vs. on the laptop.

Today is just going to be a Summer highlight post, catching back up on the past few months.

Hanging out at my aunt and uncle's house and their horse farm.

Grammy came to visit!

Lots of hanging out by the creek and in the garden.

4th of July at Pop Pop's.

Twins :)

The Market in Frankfort.

Family Reunion with my dad's side of the family.

The boy's first trip to Holiday World.

Family trip to Thomas Land!

One day, Breaker was napping and I was trying to eat lunch in peace, so I chose to ignore the questionable noise coming from the living room. When I got up (after like ONLY 5 MINUTES) I see the boys have gotten into styrofoam packing materials and tiny little balls of styrofoam are EVERYWHERE. The ONLY reason I could laugh about this...when my sister and I were little, probably age 6 and 9, we had matching bean bags. One day we realized there was a hole in one, and if we ran and jumped on it, tiny white balls flew out and we felt like it was snowing inside. To this day, we still make fun of my mom absolutely blowing up at us. Its the most mad I have ever seen my mom. I can still see her yelling and vacuuming, and she donated the 2nd bean bag to my 3rd grade classroom. So I called her and said 20 years later, her being a psycho kept me from being a psycho to my own kids ;) and I just took pictures and then made Joey finish the clean up.

This was the summer of the kitchen. For two months straight, Joey and Whisman spent every spare minute working on our kitchen. I am so glad it is finally done, and I will share pictures soon :)

3 precious brothers.

Watching the eclipse.

Breaker cut open his head on a glass vase :( I wasn't home because I'd had a doctors appointment and Joey just facetimes me at Target and all I see is my baby's face covered in blood. I said I think he needs stitches and luckily our neighbors were home to watch Shep and Maj while Joey took Breaker to the ER and I rushed home. They were able to glue it instead of stitches, and we were very thankful it cut right at his hairline and not somewhere that could have been a lot worse. It scares me to think just an inch or so down and it could have been in his eye. Breaker and Major were chasing each other around and he somehow hit the thick glass vase.

Another night at the Market in Frankfort.

September 1st was the 1 year anniversary of Rhonda's death, and we had all of our family over to spend time together. 

Shepherd's 1st day of Pre-K, 2017.

Small town homecoming parade. This was so special, as this is the high school the boys will attend. When the football float came by, our neighbor is on the team, and he yelled at all his buddies, "Guys! The kid in the orange shirt!" and the whole team started throwing candy right for Major. It was so sweet, and I told Major he'd probably be on that float one day.

Breaker has gotten really into books, and it's precious. I'm embarrassed to say this is just now happening because I read a book to him for pretty much the first time a few weeks ago. #3rdchildproblems 

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1st Trimester Update: Baby GIRL!

Baby #4! Holy moly, we have a lot of kids.

This pregnancy has been like all of the others. No morning sickness, just loss of appetite and super disgusted by smells and meat. Every time I've opened the fridge it makes me dry heave. In the very beginning, like week 5, 6, 7, I was so extremely fatigued it was unbearable. I've never been so tired in my life. I'm into the 2nd trimester now and I thankfully have some energy back.

I'm still in shock that its a girl. We have pink balloons in our house right now, and it feels so foreign to me to see pink. I've already bought some girl clothes and its so precious!

The baby is due in March, so she and Breaker will be right at 2 years apart. I think he is going to love being a big brother. The other day one of my friends stopped by with her newborn, and Breaker was in awe. Shep and Major will be such good brothers too. They both seriously cater to Breaker's every whim and desire, and basically treat him like he's a little prince, so I can only imagine how sweet they'll be to a baby girl.

We have a name picked out, and I've already told a ton of people. But a couple days ago Joey started saying he liked another name so...I guess we'll see.

This will be another C-section, for the same reasons I decided on a C-section with Breaker. Its very disappointing to me, and I am terrified, but I still think its the right decision, to not risk injuring my tailbone any further. Now I'll have 4 kids who need me, I can't risk chronic pain that would take away being able to care for my kids. I just am really scared about another C-section, and I had such a hard time with Breaker's birth. Is there some drug they can give me to just make me a happy and calm person that day, but still awake and aware of whats going on?

I'm 16 weeks right now and she is the size of an avocado.

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Its. A. GIRL!!!!!

I really never thought I would say that. After 3 boys, I was convinced that was all we could make. When the ultrasound tech told us, I said, "Stoppppppp." We could not be more excited.

People have asked me what I'm most excited about, and the answer is all of the special things that only come with having a girl. I love my boys, but I am not raising Mama's Boys. No one wants to be married to men who have to call their mom all the time. I want them to grow up and get married and their wife will be their person. I pray all the time for my future daughter in laws, and I pray they will be like daughters to me and I will have amazing relationships with them and they will call me all the time and want me in the delivery room with them and feel completely comfortable with me. But I know most Mother in Law relationships aren't like that. So even though these are going to seriously be the most prayed about and for daughter in laws in the world, and I cry when I think about meeting them for the first time, I am so excited to have a daughter. Daughters grow up and its normal for them to call their mom everyday, for every reason or no reason. When I think about mother/daughter relationships, I think about taking her for pedicures, shopping, teaching her about hair and makeup, picking out her prom dress, decorating her dorm room, planning a wedding, etc. etc.

Of course there's so much more than that, but I'm sure I'll get into it all later ;)

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Another Lawhorn Baby is on the way!

We love big families and are so excited to adding to ours!


At one point Joey was like, "who cares?" Then he quickly corrected himself and was like, "Oh yeah my pregnant wife does." and tried to make our three lovely animals pose for a picture.

I'm 16 weeks now, so into the second trimester. Baby is due in early March!

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