I am so ashamed of myself for my long blogging break! Especially because I am pregnant with my daughter and the #1 reason I blog is so my children will read it one day! I've kept such good track of all of my pregnancies because I pictured my daughter wanting to know one day what her pregnancy might be like, and here I am not even documenting her own! Honestly, the reason for my hiatus is that our computer finally kicked the bucket (you may remember me sharing Major spilled OJ on it and its been holding on my a thread ever since). And I have no idea how to add pictures now that there is no longer a Blogger app for my iphone. Seriously I'm just technology illiterate, send help. I'm typing this on Joey's work computer and I can't promise when I'll update again.  So allow me to just ramble a bit!

Y'all, having 3 kids is insane. I am overstimulated all day long with noise and touching and questions. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade it for the world, but like I don't ever sit down. The past year of our life has been crazy. That seems to be a theme with us. I would like to do a separate post on this topic, but we had to change our original "word of our year" from REST to SETTLE. Rest just is not happening with all these chitlins running rampant. Instead we have spent the last year trying to get our feet on solid ground.

As I type this, my house is messier than its been since we moved in. I cannot live in mess. My brain does not function. I'm not by any means a clean freak (you should see my car).  Lord, I wish I was OCD. But I like my house to be picked up and somewhat in order. I'm just a nicer person. We hosted Thanksgiving and I'm still recovering. I just got serving dishes washed and put away yesterday. We have Christmas decorations and boxes still waiting to be fully put up. We are having carpet installed on Friday in our guest room, Breaker's room (which will turn into the new baby's room) and Shep and Major's room. So Joey has spent the past week trying to get all 3 rooms painted before the carpet is installed, we have to take everything out of those rooms to get ready so I have crap everywhere, including a mattress and box springs blocking my guest bath and laundry room. #firstworldproblems

So I'm I think a week or two away from the third trimester. I'm at the point where if I drop something I just leave it there as opposed to bending over. #bendingoveristheworst
I had my baby shower a few weeks ago and it is so exciting to see my house filling up with pink stuff! I'm just not used to it, it feels foreign to me. We've painted the nursery pink and I'm searching for the perfect floral wallpaper to go on one wall. I've been feeling her kick for a few weeks now, which is so sweet. I finally have a posterior placenta and I am so excited to experience that. The boys were all anterior and I could never feel them until later. I'm having anxiety over the C-section, which if you've read this blog for awhile you know I could go on about allll day. ;)

A little update on the boys:

Shep is still loving school, he moves up to blue or purple on the color chart every day because he is an angel. Then I pick him up and he turns into a crazed person. I guess he's been holding in his wildness all day so he lets loose as soon as he gets home. He has such a manipulative streak. #lordpleasekeephimoutofjail
He is like the little devil on his brother's shoulders whispering to them to do something naughty. Today I told Breaker not to climb on something and started walking away, and I hear Shep say, "Breaker, climb up there. Do it."
A few weeks ago Shep got in big trouble because he legit masterminded a big coverup and had Major lying for him to keep himself out of trouble. He's a sneaky one.

Major has always gotten the rap for being our wild child, which he is, but he is also the literal sweetest person you will ever meet, and our current easiest to handle child. He just gives love so freely. All day long he asks me if he can give me hugs and kisses. He follows Breaker around the house, saying, "Breaker? Huggie??" That story I just said about Shep getting in trouble for his big cover up? We were making him apologize to Major and we told him to give Major a hug and say sorry. Shep is not a hugger. Well Shep starts walking towards him, Major's arms are outstretched, so excited to be getting a hug, and Shep just walks right past him. We yelled at Shep to come back and Major says, "Its ok, Shep. You just missed me."  I could go on and on, but he really is just the sweeeeetest.

I don't know if its his age or truly his personality, but Breaker is just really goofy. He makes the funniest faces and is a little wild child doing flips and throwing himself around on the couch or wherever. He is obsessed with books. He loves his brothers and gets PISSED if he gets left out. He wants to be doing whatever they are doing. He is so rough and also destructive. He will wrestle his brothers and straight up hit them if they make him mad. He loves to throw things and jump off stuff.  I swear angels have intervened and let Joey and I have superhuman reflexes to catch him when he jumps off things without waiting to see if anyone is ready to catch him. Last night he was climbing on the table and jumping to me over and over again. Well then he loses his balance and falls backwards off the table. I lunge for him but can't get a good grip, I was seriously holding him with both hands by his head. Then big ol pregnant me loses my balance too and we both topple to the ground. Joey rushes over not sure who to help first, his pregnant wife or his baby who nearly had his head ripped off. LORD.

Well, I just thought I'd check in and get some rambling off my chest. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging soon :)



  1. How I write blog posts from my phone (android) is I just open blogger.com in chrome and write a post the same way I would on a laptop. You can attach pictures from the files on your phone, or if you use google photos you can attach them with the tab that says "add pictures from my phone". It is small and kinda hard to see the pics but it works. Not sure if it's the same on iphone, but I hope that helps.

    1. I will try that! I have an iPhone! Thank you!