Fall Break 2017 Beach trip :: 1

Every other year we go on vacation with my family in October. 

First stop: the beach! Still in our pajamas :)

Bedtime books with Pappy and Gigi.

It would not be a vacation with my family if there wasn't a history lesson thrown in there. I love stuff like this. We took the boys to the Florida capitol.

Judge Judy!
(Breaker's nickname is Judy so we thought this was hilarious ;)

Nothing better than being pregnant and getting to take a vacation nap everyday with a sweet snuggly angel baby.

Waiting for a table, my whole fam!

My little twin!

So hard to get a good picture!!! :(

Again...so hard to get a good picture! Major was over it.

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Pumpkin Patch 2017

Photographic proof that my kids did go to a pumpkin patch in 2017.
Does anyone else feel it is hard to fit everything in during the holidays? There is so much we want to do in the Fall and its just hard to fit it all in. Thats why in 2017 we never made it to our usual pumpkin patch and Joey never made it. But I took the boys and met some friends on a weekday to this cute one by our house and it was perfect for me to handle all three of them by myself. 

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evolution of a giggle

I told Shepherd to make Breaker laugh :)
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Day at the Park

September 14, 2017

This was when Major would start every sentence with, "Hey Mom. I got a good idea. Lets pretend..."
I love his big imagination!

He has always been very opinionated on what he wears. This little leather jacket was SOOO him. 

I wish my double chin was this cute ;)

Major and Breaker at the same age, same outfit. I live for stuff like this!

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Cute Little Maj

September 12, 2017
Age 3

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Shep's First Day of School 2017

Shep could have started Kindergarten this year, but we made the decision to give him another year of preschool. Trust me, I could go on about this forever. 
It was a really hard decision and I researched the heck out of it.
They ask so much of Kindergarten now. Its not the same as when I was little. Back then they still did half day. I didn't want Shep to be sitting in a classroom for the majority of the day, only getting a short recess. I like my kids to be OUTSIDE. I want them running and exploring. No one I talked to or read about regretted holding their kid back (especially boys) from starting K for an extra year, but plenty wished they had. My issue was never his education readiness. My focus was giving him another year to mature and gain confidence. 

There was a study done that showed that delaying Kindergarten for one year reduced inattention and hyperactivity by 73% for an average child at age 11. And over time the effect only increased instead of diminished or evening out.
You can read the article here. I highly recommend it.

Ultimately I decided that another year of allowing Shepherd more time for unstructured play could only help him, because that is how I believe children learn best. And he is getting lots of socializing in preschool, without having to go a whole day, and only 4 days a week.

How cute is he sitting there? I could weep.

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Squad Goals

We feel kind of obnoxious when people ask if our kids get along and we're like, "yes they love each other." But they all really play so well together. I think it makes a big difference that they are all so close in age. They genuinely like being together and if we ever go out with just one of them they want their brothers with them. Shep and Maj will occasionally fight over toys or wrestling will get out of hand, but neither of them ever fight with Breaker. They are both so patient with him and still see him as their baby they have to take care of.

Don't they look like the cutest neighborhood bicycle gang?

Have you ever seen more ragamuffin kids? Haha! 

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