Chapel Raines birth story

The morning of Chapel's birth day, we had to be at the hospital at 5am. My parents got to our house the night before. I wanted my mom in the room with us, and my dad was on Pappy duty all day, taking the boys to school and picking them up.

We had a 30 minute drive to the hospital, so Joey and I listened to Chapel's song and talked to God and prayed for the day ahead. I was so anxious. I was dreading the C-section. The night before I had cried myself to sleep because I was so scared.

I feel like at this point I should add the disclaimer that this is not the birth story to read if you are about to have your first C-section.  Its really never that bad, I'm just a crazy person.

At the hospital we got to my room and I changed into my gown and got hooked up to all the monitors and blood pressure machine. A nurse came in to do my IV, which is always one of my least favorite parts. I don't mind needles at all, getting my blood drawn doesn't bother me. But something about having the thing in my vein and in my arm just makes me weak. Long story short, it took them 3 different tries in 3 different spots, with 2 different nurses to get my IV in. I literally would have passed out had I not already been laying down. I think I may have passed out for a minute.

The person I really wanted to talk to was the anesthesiologist. When he came in I told him about my experience with Breaker and I wanted to avoid that. (Long story short, I was so anxious about his C-section I basically had a panic attack on the operating table and also vomited the entire surgery because of a reaction to the epidural. I also had a reaction that caused me to uncontrollably itch so I was going back and forth between scratching my face off and vomiting while laying flat on my back. Then the epidural went all the way up into my arms and I couldn't move them at all.) My biggest fear is the epidural, I hate feeling it go in and having to be still and I'm terrified its going to work too well and I'll be paralyzed or something. My doctor had told me they could essentially put me to sleep right before they put the epidural in and I was good with that. When Breaker was born I had been insistent that I be aware of everything happening and I wanted to have a memory of it. This time, I didn't care. I wanted all the drugs they could give me. I wanted to be loopy...anything to help me not be an anxious mess.
Joey and my mom had to wait until I was prepped for surgery, so I went back into the operating room by myself. I tried to walk and was so shaky that they had to put me in a wheelchair.
I sat up on the table and they had a nurse stand in front of me, and I leaned into her and she held me up so they could put the epidural in. Right before he was about to start he put something in my IV that put me right to sleep. It was seriously so fast.
The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and saw Joey sitting next to me. I thought they were about to start the C-section and instead he told me that Chapel was already here! Y'all, I was so happy. I was asleep for the whole scary part, when they're waiting for the epidural to kick in and saying "can you feel this?" and where you can feel them tugging to get the baby out. I opened my eyes and the hard part was over.

*Ideally, I wish I had been awake to see her come out. They had even gotten me the clear drape I requested. But I just realized from experience that my body always has a reaction to the epidural that makes it awful for me and the anxiety of that was making me unable to enjoy anything anyway.

I really don't have any strong memories of the rest of the day. I was very drugged. Reading this, its literally the exact opposite of what I want out of a birth. But I will say, I have given birth practically every way possible and I have learned something from each one, including this one. I'll share those revelations later. But I want to encourage any first time moms to really do your research, decide what you want your birth to look like, advocate for yourself, and avoid a C-section, especially if you want multiple kids, because it gets harder every time! I think some people view a C-section as the easy way out, and it is not. It is so hard. Your body is made to birth, a C-section is a major surgery, that on top of recovering from, you're now in charge of a baby.
My recovery this time was a lot harder than its ever been. I had so many random little issues afterwards. I kept going back into Dr. Greene terrified I had some life threatening complication. My stomach is still numb from my belly button down. Its the weirdest/most annoying feeling.

Since I honestly don't remember much else from the day, here are more pictures from Chapel's birth day!


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