Major's 1st Day of School

Major had his very first day of school last week. He is going to 4 day/week preschool.  This kid was just born ready. On his first day Joey and I both (and Chapel and Breaker) walked him into school and to his classroom. He had woken up about 2 hours before it was necessary and asked me all morning if we could leave yet. On the way to school he told me his belly hurt and I thought he might be nervous, so I asked him if he was and he said, "I'm not nervous, just excited to make new friends."

I texted Joey this morning after I dropped him off and just said, "Major is literally such a joy." 
As soon as we pulled into the parking lot he yelled, "I'm so excited!!!" Its such a relief as a parent to know he is just excited and happy and I never really have to worry about him. He's so fun and easy and Joey and I have both said we are envious of his personality. I just admire him so much.

Probably my biggest prayer for Major specifically, is that he always has confidence. I just think he's the coolest guy I've ever met and I never want him to doubt himself, I want him to always let his true self shine because he's a joy.

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I have no words other than I'm obsessed.

I know this is obvious, but isn't it just crazy how IN LOVE you are with your baby? Like, Chapel girl, I will just EAT YOU UP. Ahh I love her.
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6 months with Chapel Raines

I am so sad. My very favorite stage is the 0-6 month time period. I just love little babies. I love that all they need is me and a place to sleep. I love that they can pretty much go and do anything because they fall asleep in the carseat. I love them all swaddled up. I love that nursing is their sole source of nutrition and you don't have to worry about having anything else. I love that you aren't yet worried about baby proofing. I love little baby sounds and smells and snuggles. I just love love love it. And now my last baby has hit the 6 month mark and I'll never have it again and I kind of just want to cry. 
All the stages to come are great too, but if I have to pick, 0-6 months is where its at. 
I will say, Chapel has been my hardest baby, just dealing with the tongue tie and the fussiness that came with that before it was diagnosed and all the stress of trying to figure out nursing. 
And although it improved tremendously after her tongue tie revision, she still is not as good of a nurser as my boys were and its low key stressing me out.

This month we really noticed Chapel getting more expressive and reacting to us. She giggles at being tickled or her brothers playing with her. She has the sweetest mouth wide open grin. As soon as she sees Joey when he gets home from work she smiles so big. Its also really sweet, whenever I have to wake her up from a nap because we have to leave to pick up Shep at school, I go in and quietly start unswaddling her so she can wake up slow, and half asleep she has this perplexed look, then as soon as she opens her eyes and sees me she just grins so big. 

She drools like crazy and loves to chew on your fingers. 

She likes sitting in her Bumbo seat and watching us. She also likes rolling around on the floor. She rolls both ways easily now. I usually lay out a quilt and put a few of her toys down and she rolls back and forth playing with her toys. That's another thing, she's at the age where she now will hold on to toys. She loves her little lion that has a mirror on his belly and she holds him in the carseat. She also has a ball that is easy to grasp and different little teething toys.

She is so good about her brothers wanting to hold her, or Shep and Maj picking her up and carrying her around. I only let them carry her if I'm right there with them, but they feel so big being able to hold her while they are standing up. 

Joey and I also noticed...compared to her brothers, she is much more "talkative." When Shep was a baby I remember worrying that he never made any noises at all, and I narrated everything we did all day, worrying he wasn't being spoken to enough. But, I think its a girl thing, they just like to talk. She babbles the most with Joey, and she makes the sweetest little bird noises. Major loves when she "talks." When she wakes up from a nap he likes me to sit in the chair with the two of them and he says, "Mom, she has a lot to tell us today."

Random pictures from the last month:

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Kids today

Determined to give the same to our kids.
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I hope

They will be.
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Caitlyn's Baby Shower

A few weekends ago we had my sister in law's baby shower.
I am so excited that she is having a girl, and her and Chapel will be just under 8 months apart! Our family has ALL boy cousins, and now we're adding two girls in the same year. We have big plans to dress them in matching outfits for every holiday :)
Also! Caity is having me in the delivery room with her and I'm so thrilled/honored! I literally am already praying for all of my daughter in laws + Chapel to let me be in the delivery room when my grandbabies are born...but if not, I will always have Sydney ;)

Breaker was the best helper :)

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What Chapel Wore - Month 6

Getting her dressed is so much fun!

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