What Chapel wore - Month 8

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8 Months with Chapel Raines

This little girl had a big month...moving into her own room and starting to crawl. Every time my babies have a big "first" I am so thankful to get to witness it. The first time she crawled I was sitting with Shep in the chair in her room, and she was rolling around on the floor. All of a sudden I can hear her kind of huffing and puffing and we realize she is crawling. Shep got down on the floor on one side of the room and I got down on the other and we cheered her on crawling back and forth between us. 

At the end of last month, Chapel's sleep started going downhill. After four kids I finally have realized that means they are ready to be in their own room. After moving her into her big crib in her own room, she is back to sleeping through the night. Thank you, Lord!

She's turned into quite the chunk, filling our her 9 month clothes and moving up to size 4 diapers. I think by next month she'll be in size 5, which is the same as Breaker was until a few months ago.  Giving Big Booty Judy a run for his money.

Its really just so sweet how much she loves me. I'm soaking it up, because it only is like this for a short time. Another few months and she'll be a daddy's girl. Little baby obsessed with you is the sweetest kind of love! She likes to have me in her line of vision at all times. If I leave her with Joey he pointed out that she is craning her neck every which way searching for me.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past month:

I turned the camera around to selfie mode and this was the face she gave me:

She is an animal any time I try to change her diaper.  She pulls that lamp off everytime. 

Her cousin Sydney was born this month! Yay!! I love having them together.

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