9 months with Chapel Raines

In this month, Chapel got to celebrate her first Halloween and Thanksgiving. She visited 2 different pumpkin patches and dressed up as a bumble bee for trick or treating. Having a baby just makes everything even more exciting and magical! Chapel caught up to Breaker this month with the size 5 diapers...giving Big Booty Judy a run for his money. She is army crawling all over, and practicing getting ready to crawl with her belly off the floor by rocking on her hands and knees. She loves feeding herself Cheerios and learning to drink water from a sippy cup. Nothing makes her madder than trying to clean her face off.

Photo shoot at the pumpkin patch.

Trick or treating in cousin Sydney's neighborhood.

This year they had trick or treating on the 30th, so on actual Halloween we heading to another pumpkin patch with Caity and Sydney, where we staged more photo shoots :)

Pappy and Gigi came to town for big brother's grandparent's day.

I mean this angel.

Early morning snuggles.


Major ADORES her.


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