My Favorite Pictures

For each of my babies, I never know when its going to happen, but sometime during their first year I've always taken a picture and just been like THIS IS THE MONEY SHOT NOTHING WILL EVER BEAT THIS FOR ME. Well, Chapel still has 2 months left in her first year to beat it, but I'm not sure anything will knock this photo out of the winning spot:

Let's inspect closer:

I mean my gosh. Just the cutest little thing. Its been the background on my phone ever since I took it. I love this picture of her!

And just for fun, here are the #1 pictures of my boys in their first year:

I could weep looking at this sweet, serious baby boy. Still sums him up perfectly.

This sums him up too. Pulling up super early on his own, and just the happiest little guy.

And Breaker:
The cutest little face, happy and full of joy.


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