90 year old us

When that Face app thing went viral a few months ago, we were all cracking up.

Joey looks so realistic haha. I think I had too much fake tan going on for mine to work as well. But I wanted to share these again because this...

is the cutest little old lady I've ever seen!

Also Breaker looks hilarious.

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Kids Name Ideas

Since we are for sure done having kids, unless God just decides to smack us in the face with the desire to adopt, I thought I'd share our list of baby names. I love naming babies :((((( I know this is the most obnoxious thing to say, but our goal is always to name them something no one has ever heard of.

Its funny, for each of our kids, the "runner up" name for the one before was never even an option for the next kid. Well, Shepherd was always going to be Shepherd. Major we went back and forth for a minute on naming him Jagger, but that wasn't even an option for Breaker. We had the hardest time choosing Breaker's name. We could not decide on anything. I have literally begged Joey to name our kids August. I wanted Major's middle name to be August, I wanted Breaker's first name to be August, and I wanted it to be Chapel's middle name, and Joey just hates it. For awhile we almost named Breaker, Remington, to go by Remy, that was Joey's choice. I wanted to name him Adler and Joey didn't like that. We had a million options for him. We wanted a "Utah name" since we lived in Utah at the time, so Summit was on our list for him. 
I also think its so funny...so for each of our boys, if they had been a girl we for sure would have named them Vivien. But then we went and named our daughter Chapel. For the record I will always love the name Vivien, because of Vivien Leigh.

We both have always had a "name list" in the notes on our phone, so I thought I'd share it.


Vivien Dahl would probably have been our girl name if we had another one. That's literally the only girl name on my list. Girls names are harder for us so good thing we only had one :)

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Holy Ground

I remember my mom singing a song called Holy Ground to me and my sister before bed when we were little, and now I sing it to my babies. I think of this chair as Holy Ground. The hours upon hours I have logged with all four of my kids in this chair. Rocking them, nursing them, reading to them, singing to them, praying for them. 

We are standing on Holy Ground
And I know that there are angels all around
Let us praise Jesus now
For we are standing in his presence
On Holy Ground
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Life Lately

I have some time tonight so I thought I'd dust off the ol blog and do a little catching up. 

What's up with ME:
Well lets see since I posted last. 
My oldest boys are in school, so for the first time in over 3 years, I just have two kids at home during the day. Its amazing what perspective does to you. When I just had Shep and Major at home, I was like TWO kidsssss, how do I get anything done????? Life is so harddddd. Now I'm like TWO KIDS!!! I'M FREE AS A BIRD!! I CAN GO ANYWHERE I CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING THERE ARE JUST TWO OF THEM!!!
I wish I could give myself the perspective of someone with 6 kids so that my four would feel easy haha. 
I also signed up for a 6 week program this summer called FASTer Way to Fat Loss, which has changed my life. This is the first time I've ever stuck with a healthy lifestyle. I'm just going to repost what I shared on social media about it::
I just finished a round of FWTFL with @sarahdotseyfitness and I wanted to share my results! I lost 11 lbs and 14.5 inches and I'm still losing!
In the past nearly 10 years I've been pregnant or breastfeeding or both at the same time without a minute break between those things. I've gained and lost, gained and lost 40, 50, 60 lbs. I was never super motivated to lose my "baby weight" because I knew we wanted more kids. I always give myself a year after a baby and never worry about weight (I want to see how much I will lose with zero effort haha). Then I'll kind of half ass start exercising and then we'll get pregnant again. Well, after Chapel I gave myself that year(+) and was starting to think about losing weight. 
So enter Sarah, I had heard about FWTFL before, but seeing her enthusiasm and results made me want to just go for it and sign up too. I never would have signed up under anyone else and Sarah was the best coach! She is so positive, so available, encouraging, you can ask her a million questions and seriously she will love it because she believes in this so much!
I was stressed at the beginning of the program because it seemed so overwhelming, but by the end of prep week I felt like I had it down and felt confident. Its amazing how much our brain can learn, haha. This is the first time in my life I've ever stuck with a workout/healthy lifestyle. Because its simple and you see results and you feel better! I have had so much more energy for my kids. Which makes sense once Sarah teaches you about digestion and how our body is always working. Now my body is getting to rest through the Fasting and its only processing REAL, GOOD food. I won't get into it but seriously, its fascinating. 
(I will get into it I just didn't on facebook lol) 
It takes our body 12 hours from our last bite of food to fully digest it. So unless you are going more than 12 hours without eating, our body is never getting to rest. Now I do a 16 hour fasting window, and a 8 hour eating window. It sounds so hard, but I actually love it and can't imagine ever not doing it. For one, my body is getting those 4 hours to rest. Also, its kind of nice to not have to eat first thing in the morning. I'm so busy in the morning getting my kids ready for school, and I also have the most energy in the morning. I get up and get my kids ready, then I do all of my cleaning as soon as I wake up, emptying the dishwasher from the night before, starting laundry, whatever needs to be done that day. Then I usually break my fast around 11:30. I still eat 3 meals a day, I just eat them closer together. I completely cut out gluten and dairy (two big causes of inflammation) and processed food and I feel so much better!! Its crazy. I never ever thought I'd be someone who did that. It seemed too hard. Its really not, and when you're body is only getting whole food nutrition, it just works better. I used to want to lay down every single day and take a nap. Not that I ever got to with all these kids lol, but I wanted to. Now I never feel like that. That alone is worth it omg.
OK, I also want to add and I think it is so important!!!
I think we live in a culture where women are expected to hate their bodies. We're expected to look a certain way and be apologetic when we don't. This Instagram, filtered culture!! The worst! 
So I want to say I have weighed 95 lbs and I have weighed 200 lbs (the day I had my daughter). I can tell you right now I was not happier at either weight. My weight has never equaled happiness or self worth for me. I don't hate my body and I refuse to apologize for it. So yes, I did this program to lose weight, but I am so THANKFUL for a body that allowed me to carry 4 healthy, full term pregnancies, deliver 4 healthy babies and breastfeed each of them until they self weaned. My body allowed ME to decide how many children I wanted, allowed my children to nurse as long as they wanted. Not all bodies do that, so I won't take it for granted.

Here are my before and 6 weeks after pictures: 

WOOOO well, that was a lot for me, so whats up with the rest of my family?

Shepherd and Major started school. Shep is in 1st grade and Maj is in Kindergarten. They both are liking it and their main concern every day is that I pack their lunch so that they can not eat anything I send. Its a real battle. I also let them dress themselves pretty much everyday so I'm sure everyone at the school thinks they're homeless.

Breaker Blue decided he wanted to share a room with his brothers, so now they are all three sharing a room. We were sad to take down his crib, knowing we won't use it again. Maybe when I have grandbabies I'll bring it back out and have it for them. But for now, we are changing Breaker's room back into a painting room for me.  Right now Breaker is really into playing pretend, and also playing with little figures...what do you call those? He always plays with his little Peppa Pig figures and makes them talk to each other and make up little scenarios with them. He also likes to wear a backpack around the house and pretend he's going to school.

Chapel is 18 months and has "started" walking. Like she will stand up and scream for everyone to look at her then take a few steps and go back to crawling. She is saying so many words, way more than the boys said at this age. Mama and Dada, but she'll also call us Mommy and Daddy which is the cutest thing. Puppy is another favorite word. She's obsessed with Draper. 

Oh yes I don't think I've shared that we also have a dog now. A dog, three cats and four fish. Who am I? The three cats are outside cats, to keep mice and snakes away. We just got them the other day from my father in law. I believe the boys have named them Snowball, Rex and Pebbles but that may change. Our other outside cat Peaches sadly passed, and she kindly crawled under the house to die so that lovely smell took awhile to fade.

Some more pictures of life lately:

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Chapel is ONE!

My sweet precious angel girl. I prayed for a daughter, but didn't know if I would ever have one. She is the perfect bookend to our family. I love that she has three older brothers to look out for her and take care of her. I pray that she accepts Jesus into her heart early in life, that she always has confidence in herself, that she knows who she is and spends her life becoming the most vivid version of herself, that she finds her worth in God's love for her and doesn't search for it anywhere else, that she will always feel comfortable talking and confiding in me, that she makes good friends and good decisions. Also please let me be in the delivery room with you when you have babies :)
Happy birthday my Chapel girl. I love you forever.
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Major's 5th Birthday Party

We had Major's 5th birthday party at a local gym and invited all of the kids in his preschool class. This was the first time we haven't hosted a party at our house and it was kind of nice to not have to stress about cleaning and getting everything together the night before! Winter birthdays are so hard because the weather is so unpredictable, and there was a big snow storm on the day of his party.
This was the same gym where Major went to a little 1 day a week play school last year, so he was excited to go back. 

Side note, this little girl in the middle is who Major has called his "girlfriend" all year. Is she not the cutest thing. Her mom told me she talks about Major all the time. Major always says he's going to marry her.  

Look at how they're looking at each other in the pic. She's the one with the big red bow. I sent it to her mom and we agreed they are the cutest little preschool lovebirds ever!

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What Chapel Wore - Month 12

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11 Months with Chapel Raines

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What Chapel Wore - Month 11

So apparently Chapel hardly got dressed this month? Actually that's not surprising because we have barely left the house. I don't get her "dressed" unless we are going somewhere so most of the time she is just wearing a little sleeper everyday. Someone in our family has been sick since the beginning of November, and almost this entire month it was me so we've been hibernating.

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