What Chapel Wore - Month 11

So apparently Chapel hardly got dressed this month? Actually that's not surprising because we have barely left the house. I don't get her "dressed" unless we are going somewhere so most of the time she is just wearing a little sleeper everyday. Someone in our family has been sick since the beginning of November, and almost this entire month it was me so we've been hibernating.

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10 Months with Chapel Raines

When I posted this picture on social media, I had a few people message me thinking "size 5" was a mistake. Nope, she's just giving Big Booty Judy a run for his money. This month she had her first ear infection, along with her first tooth. She sleeps through the night (woohoo!) and naps 3x a day. Usually around 10am, 1pm and 4pm. Then bedtime at 7:30 on average, but sometimes as early as 6:30.
She celebrated her first Christmas at 10 months old and is just the sweetest little angel.

A few pictures from this month:

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What Chapel Wore - Month 10

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My Major is 5!

5 Years with the sweetest, most pure soul. Major is such a LOVER. He is so helpful and wants to please everyone. He adores his baby sister. I've never seen anything like it. Her new has never worn off and he just absolutely thinks she is wonderful. The attention and care he gives her is so beyond his 5 years. The other night I was trying to load the dishwasher and Chapel kept climbing up and trying to take out the silverware. Without being asked, Major came and picked her up and moved her out of the way and sat down in front of her, singing Pat a Cake and playing with her hands. He always looks at her and says, "Mom, how did we get so lucky?"
He loves Shepherd so much. Shep is not super affectionate, and Major is. Major is literally thrilled with any love he gets from Shep. The other day Maj ran to me so excited and said, "Mom! When I gave Shepherd a kiss, he didn't wipe it off! Yay!" They are best friends and also fight like brothers, obviously. I love their friendship.
We have one of those Question of the Day for kids books I do with them. One day the question was a fill in the blank, "I wish I had more ______." Major's answer was "hugs from Shepherd."
He is so good with Breaker. They are a little over 2 years apart, so Breaker has always been a baby to him and he helps take care of him and keep him happy. I can always count on Major to work on appeasing whatever other child is having a meltdown. Major is so good at sharing. If you ask nicely, he will almost always say yes. One day, Breaker really wanted one of Major's toys and Major didn't want to give it to him. Breaker was begging and begging, and Major finally said, "Fine, I can't say no to that beautiful face." The things he comes up with stop us in our tracks every day. Literally SO SWEET.
Now that Breaker is getting bigger and he can talk, he and Major have so much fun together. They both have big imaginations and will go off by themselves making up little scenarios to act out. One of their favorites is Breaker being Major's puppy.
Speaking of big imaginations, Major's favorite thing is to play pretend. It doesn't matter what we're doing, whether its a show on tv or something we see out and about, he loves to act out that he is that character. Every show we watch, as soon as it starts he immediately claims who he is and runs around acting it out. We were playing a game the other day and there was a nudibranch. We had to google what it was because I had no clue (still don't - I think its like a snail?) Anyway, as soon as we looked up pictures Major was like, "Mom, you be a - wait, whats it called? A nudibranch and I'm a scuba diver." And he runs around pretending to dive into the ocean. 
On that note, he has the worst memory with names. Its so funny and endearing. He literally cannot remember anyone's name to save his life. Family members, people he sees on a regular basis, he'll just forget their names. One time (this was a few years ago) he asked me the name of his dog he sleeps with literally every night.  (Chase from Paw Patrol).
Major has started preschool this year and he is loving it and doing so well. I am so proud of him for learning and retaining knowledge. He can count and write his name. He loves to go to school and has so many friends. He has turned into a ladies man and has a little girl he calls his girlfriend, Kinslee. 
I went to his parent teacher conference awhile ago, and he was just coming off being sick. He had missed over a week of school, and his teacher told me that ever since he'd been out, every girl in the class had been really grumpy and she thought it was because he wasn't there.
He really has this amazing ability, that cannot be taught, to just seamlessly bring a room together and have everyone get along. A few years ago we were at my brother in law's wedding, and Major had all of the kids running around, playing a game he made up. Kids of all ages. 
Major says his prayers every night, and they could not be sweeter. He always says, "Dear God and Jesus" and then proceeds to just spill out angelic words that Joey and I are scrambling to remember forever because they're so pure and sweet. He always asks God to "come into my heart and I will come to your heart and please take care of me."
His teacher also told me that whenever he leads the prayer at school, she and the assistant teacher are always wiping away tears.
He loves to make up songs, especially for Chapel. Some I've written down in my phone to remember:
Whenever you need me I'll be there
If you're scared I'll come running
I'll always be by your side

If you are my sweetheart
I will take care of you
Please don't cry with tears
Always be you
Always be you
Always be youuuuu
I'll love on my girl foreverrrr

I love my Chapel
And I love my mom too
And I love myself
I love my brother Breaker
I love my dad
I don't love Shepherd
And I don't love weirdos
But I love the whole worrrrlllldddd

I am so thankful, forever blessed, humbled to be his mom. Major, you are the coolest guy I've ever met. You have the entire world at your fingertips, too much potential to count. I pray you always have confidence in yourself, find out who you are and be that person, be the most vivid version of yourself, because who you are is special and the world needs it. Never stop being so loving and sweet. I love you forever!
Birthday morning, cake, ice cream and sparking cider for breakfast :)


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