About Me

I am a wife and stay at home mama, recently relocated from the Bluegrass state of Kentucky, to beautiful Utah.

I have two crazy little boys and they have completely changed our lives for the better.  Shepherd is my sweet, sensitive angel child.  Major is my wild and rambunctious funny boy.  My husband and babies are my whole heart and soul.

I blog because I like to have a record of things.  I love keeping track of the little moments in our everyday life that make me so happy.  Coming back to this blog reminds me of all of the little things that make me blessed. 

I love talking to God and knowing He is always there for me.  Finding a relationship with Him early on has allowed me to develop myself in other ways.  If I was still trying to "find myself" without knowing God, I think I would really just be trying to find Him. 

I have a passion for making my surroundings pretty and enjoyable.  I believe one of my purposes in life is to make my home a happy, welcoming and comforting place for my family.

If you have a question, just ask!  I'm pretty much an open book =)

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